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C is for Community

Writer’s communities, both online and local writer’s groups provide valuable support and feedback to the struggling writer. I, unfortunately, am not aware of any writer groups in my area. I admit, I haven’t gone perusing my local library for one either. I keep thinking to myself that I don’t want to get attached to a local group when I am nearly certain in less than two years time I won’t be in the same location.

In lieu of a local writing group, I created my own community on G+. The Writers’ Coffeehouse is, in my biased opinion, a wonderful group of writers of varying expertise that come together to support each other. We are a small community just shy of 300 people. We don’t allow links in hopes the community will be more hospitable to conversation and networking. It seems we inspire and support each other constantly. I am very happy and thrilled with the community of support we have developed. Each week we get new writers to join in on the conversations and create new topics. It was been a blessing to know each of the writers involved with the community.

This year, as a gift to my friends, one of my big projects is to develop a website where they can share their writing and blog posts. I hope the website will eventually morph into a marketing platform for each of the dedicated members of the Coffeehouse.



I am a writer currently working on her first series featuring Malcolm Stone. I also dabble in photography cooking and enjoying life. Synopsis of Dissonance (Book I in the series): Malcolm is youngest son of Preston Stone, the largest liquor importer on the east coast since the prohibition. His family’s affluence has afforded him the opportunity to follow his passion of being a pianist. He married a successful local artist Anabelle Connolly. They appeared to have the perfect life, but it had turned sour. After Anabelle’s death, the truth of their marriage can no longer be hidden. Years of Malcolm’s carefully constructed lies start unraveling at his feet. Will he be able to pick up the pieces of his shattered life? Dissonance explores and exposes a violent relationship, infidelity, substance abuse, depression, and lies.

14 thoughts on “C is for Community

  1. Ah, I was waiting to see what your surprise gift was! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Make sure you let me know what I can do to help. Not sure if I can handle a big commitment, but I can certainly help out along the way.

    I agree that the Writers’ Coffeehouse is an excellent group. It’s pretty much the only reason I use Google+ at all. I believe the no links rule has a lot to do with the success. My main criticism of other groups is that they get too spammy. It’s nice to have a place to share successes and ask for help.

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    1. I am hoping by mid-summer to have the new site up and running. I want to have it with it’s own forum so we can include people who aren’t G+ fans. I have noticed a lot of us are starting to be scarce on there lately as it. The new site (hopefully) will allow for a forum or page for website linkage so we can find each other’s work, but it won’t over burden us with promotion like it will on G+ if we start allowing links.


  2. The Writer’s Coffeehouse is a great community. I wish I were more active in the group, yet find I’m not on Google+ as much as I was a year ago. Keep us posted on your website idea. It sounds like a great project.

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    1. I have noticed I am not on there as much as I used to be either. It seems harder to connect with other people on that particular platform than it used to be, but perhaps I’m just not dedicating the time I was.


  3. It’s great finding a writing community online. I got involved in the RoW80 challenge a couple years ago, and besides offering accountability, it’s a wonderful community of supportive writers.

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  4. I’ve tried a few different online communities, this one, yours, is the only one that stuck. I think you’ve managed to create a place for people to come together to share, not just show off. Well done:)

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