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A to Z Blogging Challenge

I discovered the A to Z Blogging Challenge half way through April last year.  It seemed like an interesting idea and networking / discovery, but I didn’t have the motivation to blog nearly every day.  Frankly, I forgot all about it until a couple of weeks ago when it started popping up on my feed again.  Several people in my network are giving the challenge a go, so I decided to investigate it.  And to no one’s surprise the A to Z Blogging Challenge is exactly what it says it is.  You pick a topic that corresponds to the letter for the day and write.

Some people theme their posts, like Z.R. Southcombe, who is writing about The Caretaker of Imagination, or J.C. Hart, who is writing posts about her upcoming book set in the fictional town of the Kotahi Bay.  I decided to play a little more flexible (since my book is a few months away from being released).  I am loosely theme-ing my posts on writing; my process, my books, featuring friends, communities, etc.  I have already picked all my topics and have started drafting the posts to give me more time to read other’s blogs.

On April 1st look forward to being introduced to my main character, Malcolm’s, wife Anabelle Stone.  It seems an odd choice to introduce her first, but she does have an alphabetical advantage.


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