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Sometimes…. I just don’t want to write


Yeah, you heard me.  There are days I just don’t feel like writing and you know what…. That’s okay.  I could force myself to sit down to write, but instead I like to analyze why I don’t feel like writing.  Sometimes there is a legitimate reason I don’t want to write and sometimes it’s pure avoidance.

If my reason is avoidance, then I typically try to write something.  I might avoid my main project for a while, but I will write on one of the many side projects.  Eventually (typically in a day or two), the issue I was having works itself out, and surprisingly (or maybe not) the answer was much simpler than originally thought.

On the other hand if I don’t want to write for another reason, I might not write (more often than not).  If I don’t feel like writing because I’m plain exhausted, then I will listen to my body and rest.  If that means going to sleep early, taking a mid afternoon / early evening nap, then I do.  Some days it just means vegging out in front of the TV and binge watching my favorite shows on Netflix.  During the spring and summer, I might not  want to write because I want to go hiking or spend some time outside.

Surprisingly, when my reasons for not writing have nothing to do with writing (like being tired or wanting to do something else) and I decide not to write, I feel motivated to write much sooner than when I forced myself to sit down and write (because that’s what writers do).  Taking a break from writing can be a great catalyst for my writing and creativity, assuming I took a break for the right reasons.

I used to think I needed to write every day to be taken serious as a writer.  After all writing is a job and you have to show up to work to be successful.  Now, I realize that writing (just like my day job) I need personal and vacation time.  I don’t have to write every day.  Though most of the time, I WANT to write everyday.  Coming into writing with a mind-set of a want instead of a necessity makes all the difference to me.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes…. I just don’t want to write”

  1. For me, writing every day is a necessity. I don’t mean I’m that passionate about it every day, but it takes me a while to form good habits. Maybe a year from now I’ll feel that I can take time off every once in a while. I want to actually lengthen my writing time each day at this point. Working on my ‘novel project’ for two hours just doesn’t seem long enough even though that’s the recommended time to use for a first book so that you don’t get burnt out. I’d like to get up the four or five hours.

    I do know what you mean by needing to sleep even though it may mean taking a nap. I do that too on most days. I spend too much time in front of the boob-tube — and often I’m not all that interested in what I’m watching. Now that we have a better TV package, I can now go to demand and watch what I really want to see and do it when I want to. TV is okay for relaxing but too much is bad.

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  2. I take breaks from writing too, though I miss it when I do. But there are other things that take my time and energy and often there just isn’t enough of either to go round so writing has to take a back seat that day. I’d like to write every day and I do most days, but not always my WIP.

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