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2015 is going to be my year

January 1st….  the very first day of a brand new year.  The time we all make grandiose goals for the up coming year.  While the naysayers tout each year is exactly the same as the last and we are all delusional to think this year will be different.  My thoughts are if you don’t make goals and aspirations for the new year it will be the same as the last.  Life is exactly what you make it.  Personally, I like to think of each new day as a blank piece of paper to write the beginning of a new life on.  If yesterday did not turn out as you wanted, that’s okay because each day you get the opportunity to start fresh.

So, every year I make goals for the up coming year.  Some of which I meet and others which I don’t.  If I didn’t make my goal, it’s not that I failed or didn’t try hard enough, but it is an opportunity for inflection.  There could have been something standing in my way such as fear or time management skills.  Basically for everyone goal I don’t obtain it’s a chance to look deeper into myself and learn.

My 2015 goals are categorized as writing goals, health and spirituality, and miscellaneous.

Writing Goals 

  • Publish Dissonance by Spring 2015
  • Rewrite beginning of Reverie
    • Print proof and begin editing target release Winter 2015-2016
  • Start first draft of Harmony
  • Maintain blogging schedule
    • Goal Twice weekly unless something special
  • Revive Happiness Blog
  • Restructure About page on Blogs

Health & Spirituality

  • A regular yoga / mediation practice
    • Twice a week asanas and daily mediation
    • Utilize daily mediation books and keep journal
  • Eat 75% vegetarian
  • 2 new recipes a month
  • Study Buddhist and Yogic philosophy


  • Practice piano
  • Read 15 books this year
  • Track number of blue skies for year
  • Try new types of creative activities

2 thoughts on “2015 is going to be my year”

  1. I like the last one, Amanda. It’s something I was thinking about as I wrote my 101 in 1001 list today. Music is something I want to keep exploring more of – I just haven’t decided how yet.

    Buddhist & yogic theory is something I want to learn more about as well, so do pass on anything you read that is particularly useful.

    I’m looking forward to being able to read something from you later this year – no pressure though. Just excitement xx

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  2. You’re ambitious. I tried learning more about Buddhism. Except for the meditation, it’s actually traditional stuff that I already knew. I’d love to do the 75% vegetarian living. Unfortunately my husband’s needs plus our bank account prevents it. I might be about to do 50% though.

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