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Sometimes weird things happen…..

Last night, I was in the kitchen taking out the trash.  I got the new trash liner out and I flipped it in the air to open it so I could put it in the can.  Then sudden I felt something in my pants leg.  It startled me, since I couldn’t figure out what it could be.  It felt like a dryer sheet was stuck at about my knee level, but I had been wearing the pants for a few hours and just noticed the odd feeling.  So, I am shaking my leg trying to dislodge whatever it was, looking like I was trying out for the local showing of the River Dance.  Finally, after a lot of odd gyrations whatever it was broke loose and I felt a thump on my foot.  To my surprise I saw a fur-less tail and beady eyes look at me for an instant before that little guy ran off in terror.

A MOUSE had climbed up my pants.  I live in a old farm house and anyone who has ever lived in a drafty old house knows that winter means mice.  Apparently, the mouse had decided to come out of it’s hiding place to forage for food at the exact time I flipped the bag open making lots of noise.  I assumed it scared the poor little thing and the closes dark hide-a-way happened to be my pants leg.

So the mouse and myself got a little fright last night.


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