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One wish…

I am running a day behind on my ThinkKit posts, but I have been a little under the weather.  Today (well honestly yesterday) is all about one wish.  If you had one wish to change anything, what would it be?

A lot of things went through my head, and if we are going to be honest most of them were selfish.  I would love to change my living arrangements, but why waste a wish on something that is in my control.  Then I thought it would be nice to have my husband’s school and my job closer together so we could be together more often, but then I realized that this is only a temporary arrangement.  So many things that I would change, I can change.

What my one wish boiled down to was patience.  I wish I had more patience.  Sometimes, I am in such a hurry to get to the goal, I forget to enjoy the ride.  It something I am working towards, but sometimes lose sight of the journey.  It’s so easy to focus on that end product and forget about all else.  So my wish is to allow myself the opportunity and the option to slow down and enjoy the ride.


3 thoughts on “One wish…”

    1. What can I say, I only like to think about changing things within my control. 🙂

      You are probably right. When I look back over the last few years, I realize I have been extremely patient, mostly…


  1. Even though I get impatient, I can be patient when I try. My wish is an easy one for most people to guess. It would change my life dramatically. My wish? — not to be disabled anymore. Notice how I put that. Being disabled has actually given me opportunities to learn things and experience things I wouldn’t have had a chance at otherwise. But now I’d love to go back to being able-bodied again.

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