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Disaster? Or hilarious story that will last a lifetime?

Today’s prompt was deck the LOLs, really putting me on the spot to come up with something funny that made me laugh in the last year.  While funny things happen all the time and I am nearly always laughing, most of the stories are you had to be there to see it, inside jokes or completely inappropriate and probably not funny to a normal human being.  It’s hard being funny on demand, which is why I am not a comedian.

I considered sharing the antics of my crazy ferrets.  They do the weirdest things at times.  Pandora (the white point one), one day was stealing food from the back bedroom and hiding it under the couch.  She was running through the living with her mouth full of food, she jumps over the ferret tunnel (much like the exhaust tube for a clothes dryer), and runs face first into the leg of the arm-chair.  She dropped the majority of the food on the floor and stood staring at the chair dazed for a moment.  She quickly recover and picked her kibble back up and dashed under the couch.  The runs back to the back room again to emerge with another mouthful of food.  She jumps over the tunnel once again and hisses at the chair as she runs past it as a warning so it wouldn’t jump out in front of her again.  We laughed so hard.  But you see I can’t share that story because it happened two or three years ago (see what I did there?)

So, I was on the hunt for something funny that happened in the past year.  I was sitting at work listening to Christmas music, Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer started playing and I busted up laughing and knew I had my story.

Last December around this time, my husband (then fiancé) and I were vacationing in the Northeast.  We had planned the trip to Portland, Maine to secretly elope.  We left Indiana with everyone wondering why we would decide to vacation during the winter and go north of all places.  We had a wonderful time on our way to Portland.  We stopped in Buffalo, NY and then made our way to Montpelier, Vermont.  Vermont was so beautiful in the winter.  We stopped to look at Onion River on the top of a ravine.  I was getting out of the car.  I went to tell Jay to be careful it was icy to only get out… “Hey” before I was somehow on my rear sitting cross-legged on the ice.

We then went to Salem, Massachusetts enjoying the history and witch culture, before making our way to Portland.  We spent a couple nights in town before our planned wedding date of December 12, 2014.  We stayed at the Danforth bed and breakfast.  The morning of our big day we took it rather easy.  I ironed Jay’s dress shirt he was to wear with his suit and I kept hearing and feeling a scraping noise, so I looked at the iron and saw nothing amiss.  So I continued ironing, and there was that noise again.  He so graciously captured the whole incident in photos, which upon seeing later I finally discovered what was wrong with the iron.  The tip was missing.

As the time started drawing near we started getting ready.  I let our officiant and two witnesses in the locked door.  We moved around a bit of furniture in the breakfast hall so we could be married at the bay windows.  I might at during this entire time there was no music playing in the common rooms of the house.  The innkeeper asks us we need any assistance, we decline and thank her for her time.  I, get changed into my beautiful dress and we take a few photos.  Then we go back to the chosen spot in front of the bay windows, turn on video camera and the ceremony begins.

“Welcome, Amanda and Jamison, to this moment in your lives, to this place you have come to in each other’s hearts. May this shining hour be an open door through which you go now to build the dearest of all human relationships: that of two best friends growing old together in marriage, always fathoming deeper depths, and discovering each facet of one another’s soul.”

wedding 1

*a pause before she starts the next paragraph*  And we all look up at the speakers and she says, and Rudolph is playing in the background.  We died laughing.  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, as wedding music.  My (now) husband was so thankful I started laughing.  What could have ruined most bride’s special day, just added another memory to mine.  So needless to say, if you get married at the Danforth around Christmas time ask the innkeeper to shut the music off 🙂

But unfortunately or fortunately, the story doesn’t end there.  When I go back to work the following Monday (after driving all night in a snow storm on Friday, but that’s another story, not nearly as funny, well except for my made up words to the Sarah McLachlan song the ASPCA uses, but I digress), I tell my co-workers we got married while we were in Maine.  I told one of my buddies in the office about our wedding, including the Rudolph incident.  Several of us end up going to lunch together to celebrate, and lo and behold, what starts playing on the radio… of course it’s Rudolph!  What else could it possibly be!  So my buddy, who is logically on the other side of the restaurant, yells “Hey Amanda!  Sounds like wedding music to me!”  I start dying laughing and have to explain the story to the rest of my table and essentially the entire restaurant.

So, now I can’t stop laughing every time I hear Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  I am sure I get weird looks when walking through the supermarket, by myself, hysterically laughing at nothing.


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