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Change? During the year of the horse? Nonsense!

Carry on… there are no changes to be seen here…..

I am no stranger to change. I change my hair color and length constantly, can’t decide on what I want to wear, never know what I want to eat…  I can’t even stay satisfied with the names I give my secondary characters.  Change and I know each other very well.

One of my shining characteristics used to be my adaptability.  I say used to be because this year, I have noticed myself swimming upstream against the change for once.  I have been off balance for the bulk of the year, instead of adapting to life as it changes, I have been fighting it every step of the way.  I recently have come to terms that my life is changing and there is nothing I can do to stop those changes from occurring and little I can do to avoid them.  The only thing I can do is embrace them into my life and stop stressing over them.  I still haven’t struck that perfect balance and I’m certain I never will.

Despite the awkwardness of the all changes that have happened, this year has been great to my husband and me.  My husband and I are like pearl divers, one person dives while the other stays above water and watches.  It’s his turn to shine, while I stand guard and keep us on track.  Our biggest and greatest change was my husband getting accepted into a Doctoral of Occupational Therapy program and set in motion an entirely different life of possibilities.  Doors are being opened that I only dreamed of, now they are within arms reach of being a reality.


8 thoughts on “Change? During the year of the horse? Nonsense!”

  1. Good perspective! I recognize what you’re saying. It’s an odd feeling when you pride yourself in “just going with it” and then suddenly you find yourself freaking out at things that happen and refusing to adapt. I had a patch like that recently. Thank the gods patches like that tend to be well… patches, and eventually you get some balance back.

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    1. Thanks Emma, I keep telling myself that same thing. The first step is always recognizing the problem, right? I am sure once January rolls around and we put some sort of plan in play, things will go much smoother.


  2. love this line: “My husband and I are like pearl divers, one person dives while the other stays above water and watches. It’s his turn to shine, while I stand guard and keep us on track.” I’ve experienced that in my marriage as well. It’s good to have that balance and let the other shine. Great post!

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  3. Best wishes to your husband. What a thrilling opportunity.

    I didn’t think much about it until you stated it in this post. I, too, seem to thrive on change. Just 6 months ago I stopped coloring my hair for the first time in over 30 years. Before this, I was changing the color almost every time I went to the stylist. Since I’ve been an adult, I have yet to live in the same dwelling for more than eight years.

    I wonder what does this to me.

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    1. His first semester is winding down and he is doing fantastic! On top of it he is enjoying it all. This is the first time in many years I have seen him be consistently happy. I would catch glimpses of that happy person in the past few years, but now I get to see that happiness nearly everyday and it makes all the changes and stresses I’m going through worth it.

      I know exactly what you mean Glynis, we moved around a lot too. This is the first time in the 12 years that we have been together that we have lived in the same house for 4 years.

      I think change can be great. With moving it always you to simplify your life and get rid of accumulated stuff. It doesn’t matter the reason (for me it’s normally, I am not packing any more boxes this stuff has to go!), the result is the same. I always feel like I get a new start when we move and the ability to cleanse oneself of negative karma build up. Perhaps I should Feng Shui my house next time I move!


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