A picture says thousand words…

As part of the the ThinkKit December daily blogging challenge, I am posting my year in photos.

This year, I think I took more photos than normal, which is fantastic.  One of my standing New Year’s resolutions is to take more photos.  I typically take photos of nature or things that make me smile or make me happy in some way.  Since I took more photos this year, I would like to conclude that this has been my happiest year yet, despite some set backs I have experienced, this has been a spectacular year!


5 thoughts on “A picture says thousand words…”

    1. There were so many pictures to go through! I ended up picking my favorites out the easiest ones to get to. Might have to revisit this post when I have more time to go through all my photos. Perhaps a part two in January. 🙂

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    1. I’ve owned both, but I would say cats are a bit easier. They have some major similarities. I free feed mine and they free roam the majority of our house and the sleep the bulk of the day. To me ferrets seem a bit more demanding on attention. They love to play, but then again they don’t want to every day. They show affection, but not the same way as cats. With the exception of little Minky, they typically don’t like to cuddle. And sometimes they are little nippers.

      On the plus side they hardly make any noise! No yowling in the the middle of the night. 😉


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