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Shifting gears and getting back to work

No surprise, my hiatus from writing was only temporary.  My motivation is still lacking, but based on my own experiences if I don’t start taking baby steps to get back to working, then it will essentially be like starting over.  I want to grow as writer and not stay the same.  I am tired of spinning my wheels in the mud.

I have been stalling with my progress on Dissonance.  I am still waiting on feedback from a couple of readers, but honestly I am using that excuse as a delay tactic.  Last week I decided in an attempt to get my motivation back, I would format Dissonance and upload it to CreateSpace to see approximately how many pages it would be when once it was printed.  Honestly, I had a lot of fun playing around with the formatting.  Once I got it formatted to print a standard 6×9 book, I decided it would be nice to have a copy of this “first” draft in a book form.  So, I uploaded my Word file and created a sample cover.  CreateSpace accepted my file and I ordered four proof copies.

I know there are still errors in the book and it’s not ready to see the shelves yet, but I think having a copy of my book in hand will do wonders for motivation.  I hope having my book in a different format will help me with the editing and revision processes.  I ordered four so I could mark up two of them and send one off to my special reader in Florida.  She has been asking me about the series ever since I moved back to Indiana.  The proofs should arrive next Monday.  I’ll share photos of this first edition, even though there will be many changes before the book is released.

Hopefully, in the coming weeks I will have word of a crowdfunding campaign and hired or at least decided on an editor and cover artist.  I still haven’t decided exactly what I want on the cover, but I starting to lean towards a painting or illustration instead of a photo mash-up.


6 thoughts on “Shifting gears and getting back to work”

  1. You’ve seen Christine Campbell’s cover art? That kind of illustration could suit your story well (at least as far as I know it).

    Well done for taking baby steps. Baby steps are better than nothing – though sometimes a shift helps. One way I get around ‘writer’s block’ is to do a different type of writing, so I am technically practising writing. I switch between journalling / blogging / fiction / poetry, so at any one time I am doing at least one of them. Even brainstorming counts!

    Looking forward to the next step in your journey as a writer.

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    1. I have thought about contacting Christine about her cover artist for Here at the Gate. I have also considered contacting you Miss Zee about a background cover art. I have even considered taking a photo and editing it possibly making it illustrated of a particular place I know has a beautiful view of piano. Hopefully by the time I’m done editing I will have made a decision. 🙂


      1. Hey, Amanda. I can certainly put you in touch with my wonderful cover artist, Michelle. She is great at ‘having a go’ with my ideas, and coming up with things that might work, but works best if you have a pretty good idea of what kind of artwork you want. She has just started gathering some of her work, a small sample of what she is capable of, on Instagram under shellsbellsart.
        I can give you her contact details if you decide you’d like to get in touch with her.


  2. I really don’t know what you’re going through right now but as I work on my 1st draft, I wonder if I’ll be needing a break before tackling a rewrite. And if I do that, what kind of problems am I going to have getting my butt in gear again. Having the book physically in your hands may help. I would imagine that it would get you dreaming again.

    Keep us posted on your progress. ❤

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