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The eureka moment


The last few months have been stressful and full of changes.  I have managed to get off balance and found it difficult to get back on track.  I’ve barely touched my writing and I have even let my other projects slip, but after a relaxing weekend and some conversations with a couple of friends, I think I know what I need to do to get back on track.

Last night after sending and email to Zenobia, who just gained a level as a friend (sorry too many video games in my life), updating her on the happenings of my life; basically, I vented to the poor gal (hence the leveling).  I had mentioned balance in my email to her and I knew we would then delve into a conversation about the balancing act of life.  So many of our conversations head in that direction.  I started thinking about how I could get the balance back into my life and where I needed to go from here.  I came up with a few ideas before bed last night and when I got to work this morning, I read her return email and it gave me a few additional ideas.

It all comes down to organization.  I tend to be a fly by the seat of my pants type of gal.  I keep lists and calendar reminders for items, meetings and projects I need to get done at work and I even employ some of that to my writing, but in my everyday life?  I don’t need lists… or do I?  I think the answer is yes, I do need lists.  They are just to keep me on track and to remind me what is important and even why it’s important.  So today, as I sit at my desk doing statistics, when an idea on how to keep/get organized comes up, I write it down.  I already have a to-do list for when I get home this evening.

Thinking about how keeping a to-do list (written down) has also made me think about how I can be more efficient with my time writing and organizing my marketing attempts.  So tomorrow’s to-do list will probably be writing related, as I need to find time for writing as well as just plan living.  But as for tonight, it’s just a list for everyday life.

We need lists, or at least I now realize I need lists.


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