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What is a writer to do when waiting for critiques?

My book is out with beta readers, so that means I get a break right?  Nope!

While waiting on feedback on Dissonance, I have been working on an outline for the chapters of Reverie (the sequel) that are on the chopping block.  I have a very basic outline of the first four chapters, though I think about fifteen are needing a major rewrite or scrapped.

I also started working on the beings of an outline for Harmony (the third book).  I have an idea of how I want the book to end, which is different from writing the other two.  I started the outline with an objective and listed then things I want to have happen.  Then I started a page of what ifs… with random ideas most of which will probably be scrapped, but it works wonders to get my focus going in the right direction.  I have started outline chapter one as that is the only one that I have an idea of what will happen.  I have refrained from writing on Reverie or Harmony, yet.  I kind of want to work on the revisions of Dissonance before I delve into the other two books.

While working on the outline of the Malcolm Stone series, I have come across another dilemma.  It’s almost November, do I want to participate in NaNoWriMo this year?  I swore it off last year and said I was never going back to that.  I don’t do well writing under that type of deadline and I edit as I write, but this year is different from the past times.  Now I spend the weekdays by myself, which means I can spend more time writing and not neglecting responsibilities.  I still haven’t made up my mind and if I plan to write, I need to decide soon so I can start working on an outline to get focused.

While I have had this sudden surge in creativity, this evening I took advantage of the mood and decided to try my hand a painting.  I never took art courses, outside of the two I had to have in high school.  I have in the past four years taken some painting instruction classes, if you can call them that.  The were a social get together for painting.  A lot of these companies are popping up all over the place, it’s great for a night out, the one near me is called Wine and Canvas.  Anyway this evening I decided to try my hand at painting without instruction.  I had a lot of fun and will be trying it again.  I also think I will have to dig out my Bob Ross video and follow along.  Perhaps painting is the same as writing and with a little practice, I might get better at it.


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