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Loving what I do


This week has been an interesting change of pace for me.  I realize a lot of writers, starting out and experienced, have doubts about their writing ability.  Some even wonder if they have what it takes to be a writer and others may be to afraid to finish the work they have started.  We all have those days, weeks, months, or years, but the dedicated preserve and rise to the occasion.

The doubts and worry, become worth it when you get glimpses into a life you look forward to living.  This past week was amazing for me.  I have been in a great mood and have caught myself smiling for no apparent reason.  Weeks like this make me realize I was meant to be a writer.

This week, I sent my book out to beta-readers, got a 10 page edit back on the first chapter, and started blogging again.  It feels great to connect with my social networks and write again.  I also had people in the “real world” ask about my book, which made me realize I need to work on my elevator speech.  I have however advanced beyond the self-depreciation, but my pitch is a little weak.

Though, one event of this week stood out above the rest.  One of my co-workers approached me about helping write a book, the conversation came out of no where; we weren’t even talking about writing or books.  He is wanting to write a memoir about his battle with cancer.  I think it would be a fantastic read about faith and perseverance.  I felt extremely honored, he would ask me for assistance. That single innocuous question, made me realize for the first time in many years, that I was on the right path towards a future that would be fulfilling.


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