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One step down in the realization of a dream


I am one more step closer to realizing the dream of being a published author.  Today, I finally got my draft of Dissonance out to beta-readers.  I am a little nervous of the feedback, but excited at the same time.  I wonder if the story is any good, if my characters are believable or if there are major structural issues.  I know the feedback is to help the book be the best it can be, and I realize I have gotten it as far as I can.  Now it’s time to read others thoughts and make the appropriate changes.  I am hoping this is one of those things that easier with time.

I still need to decide on a cover design.  The downside of being a self-published author is having to do every step on your own.  I have an eye for photography, but graphic design is not my forte.  I have an idea, but I plan on brainstorming with my beta readers after they finish reading to see if my idea works.  Then it’s off to find, price and hire a cover artist.  Hopefully, one that does great work and doesn’t break the bank.

After my beta readers come back to me with their thoughts, it will be time to do some revisions (hopefully, minor ones).  I want to make this book the best it can possibly be.  After that round of corrections it will be time to hire an editor.  I have a high school classmate, who used to work as an Associate Editor with a publishing company that I have considered reaching out to.  However, if she isn’t available, I will have to go on the search for the right editor.  I have a feeling I might be sending in samples to several to find the right fit.

It seems like a lot to get done and a ton of work to do, but I’m looking forward to it!  I am not sure if I will have everything done by December 31, but if not it’s not the end of the world, just the end of the year.  My biggest worry is trying to create a fantastic and marketable book without breaking my bank account.  With that being said, look for a crowdsourcing campaign to be launched in the coming weeks.


7 thoughts on “One step down in the realization of a dream”

  1. I love the way you are looking at the whole process of writing, Amanda. You are so inspiring in reminding me to keep on keeping on, and not being impatient with the process. It’s better to take the time it needs and do it right the first time.

    It’s been wonderful connecting with you and sharing in your journey. Keep being the amazing woman you are xx

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    1. Aww! Zee you give me way too much honor, but I too cherish the friendship we have been able to build with each other even though we are halfway across the world from each other. I really do think kindred spirits are drawn towards each other. Today, I am actually feeling rather inspired and thankful for all the relationships I have; in person and virtual.

      It has taken me a while to get to this point and be able to look a the big picture, but ultimately I want to be one of those self-published authors that stands out from the crowd. Not one that perpetuates the stereotype that self-published books are inferior to traditionally published.


      1. I completely agree! In the long term, it doesn’t matter if I take a few months longer than had planned, or if it doesn’t fit neatly into one genre. What matters is that the story is true to itself, true to the writer, and polished to a standard that allows it to shine in and of itself.
        We are no less of more than traditionally published authors; we are just writers trying to tell a story in the best way possible xx

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  2. I received your draft last night. I’ll be reading it during this weekend.

    About editors: If your friend declines for any reason, I suggest Jeri Walker if you can swing it. I’ve been reading her blog for a while now and I find her advice well given. I’m still in my 1st draft but I’ve already decided to approach her for the editing. Here’s her link: ❤

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