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Questions only experience will answer

When I first set out on this writing adventure in 2008, a question always lingered in the back of my mind.  I wonder if I will be able to write another story after this one?  I was always afraid I would keep writing essentially the same story with different characters.

Here we are in late 2014 and I finally have the answer.  For the past 6 years, I have thought of very little outside of the Malcolm Stone series.   I was starting to think perhaps I did only have one story in me.   A few days after finishing Dissonance, a new story popped up in my mind. I am not ready to delve into creating it yet, but I have written down the initial idea and the opening scene. Once I have Dissonance out to beta-readers (hopefully in two weeks or so), I will polish the first few chapters of Reverie to match the plot line. Then this new story will be able to take shape and grow. So perhaps by mid-January, for the first time since I started writing, I will be focusing on a story outside of Stone’s world.

Creativity is truly a moldable and ever-changing skill.




Editing update:

13 chapters edited

24 chapters remaining


I have been focusing on those other life issues too much lately, and tonight is dedicated solely to catching up and writing (editing).  I hope to have a few blog post essentially ready to post, so I can get back on track with blogging and marketing.


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