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The End… sort of


The end… did I really just complete writing the first draft?  At times I struggled through chapters of Dissonance, wandered around lost in the dark, but in the end I finally completed the first draft.

I am not from the school of just shove something down on the page and work out the problems in the rewrite stage.  I am a let the ideas percolate kind of gal and try to get it as close to right on the first try.   I realize I will still have plenty of revisions, but I have such a hard time writing down something I know will get cut, it seems like a waste of time for me.

For those of you out there counting, it took a little of a year to finish this draft.  Which is a long time, but it’s much less than the 5 years it took to finish Reverie (that still needs a major revision).  I feel like I am finally starting to get the hang of this writing thing.  Dissonance is a much shorter of a book than I originally anticipated, but the  length may grow or shorten once I start the revision process.  Though, the only thing that will the word count will affect is the pricing scale once the book is published, so I am not worried about it.

For the next two weeks, I plan to do an initial read through of the book, out loud, to see if I noticed any pacing problems or spots where the plot is weak.  (You can follow my progress here.)  Then it will be time to find some beta readers.

While my book is with the betas, I will be attempting to find a cover artist and deciding if I am going to launch a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign or if I am going to fun the book on my own.  I will also be working on pre-marketing to create buzz about the book.   It will be a busy next couple of months, but I will be so excited to finally see my hard work in print.



4 thoughts on “The End… sort of”

  1. Congratulations, Amanda. I needed the school of ‘shove something down’ for my first book, because if I’d given myself too much time to think about it, I would have convinced myself out of writing. I haven’t had that attitude with my next story, so while I don’t entirely agree with that school of thought, I think it does have a place.

    I’m interested to know what you’ll be doing for pre-marketing, because I’m not sure at the moment. Perhaps you could share some ideas in the coffeehouse? Good luck on the next step of your writing journey! xx

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    1. I agree 100% with you. That put something down school definitely has it’s place. I even used it a bit, when i was struggling, but not too often. Though, I am sure that explains my issues with NaNoWriMo.

      As soon as I get a game plan on my pre-marketing I will be happy to share with the coffeehouse!


  2. Great job Amanda!! Really pleased to hear that.

    I’m also intrigued that it took you 5 years on your first book, as that’s what my first has taken me. Similarly, I feel I’ve learned so much in that time that number 2 *should* take less. So it’s massively encouraging to hear that’s how it worked out for you.

    Looking forward to hearing the plans and – of course – the launch!

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