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Conference Bound

For the first time I’m actually excited for GenCon.  Typically we might go one day to go to the exhibition hall to buy new board games, but this year I’m actually excited that I am attending 3 of the 4 days, but this year is different.  I am attending as a writer and not a gamer.  I have probably signed up for way too many sessions at the Writer’s Symposium, but how could I pass up so many good sessions, especially since most were free?

Going to this writer’s conference has spurred some motivation in me.  I only have one chapter left to write and the first draft of Dissonance will be done and I desperately want to have it completed before tomorrow.  Surely if I’m motivated enough, I can knock out just one little chapter tonight after work.

I even have my business cards ready to network with other writers… so why isn’t it Thursday yet?  I decided post my schedule to make it easier for any of you who may be going to GenCon this week and want to meet up with other writers.  It’s going to be a busy three days, but I look forward to meeting new people and learning more about the craft.


9:00  –   Writing 101

10:00 –   Finding your voice

11:00 –   Writing Mysteries

12:00 –   Cliche’s and Stereotypes

1:00  –   Break

2:00  –   Writing Romance & Love Stories

3:00  –   Flora & Fauna (adding them to your story for realistic setting)

4:00  –   Break

5:00  –  Creating Anthologies

6:00  –   Editing your own work

7:00  –   Ending the story



9:00  –   Business of Writing 101

10:00 –  What is an Editor

11:00 –   Creating your Image

12:00 –  Conference Etiquette

1:00  –   Break

2:00  –   Author Networking 101

3:00  –   Writing a Synopsis

4:00  –   Break

5:00  –   Plotting Nuts & Bolts

6:00  –   Getting Great Reviews

7:00  –   Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone



9:00  –   Kickstarter 101

10:00 –   Self Publishing

11:00 –    Staying Energized

12:00 –   Breaking Writer’s Block

1:00  –   Weaving Plots for Middle Grades

2:00  –   Persistence & Reality of being a writer

3:00  –   Myths of Creativity

4:00  –   Break

5:00  –   Break

6:00  –   How to make a Kickstarter Video

7:00  –   Thinking Young (Middle Grades)

8:00  –   New Ways to Tell Stories


Hope to see some of you there!


6 thoughts on “Conference Bound”

  1. Oh, that sounds amazing! I am sure you will be exhausted by the end of it lol, but in a good way! One of the disadvantages of living in little ol’ New Zealand is we don’t have these opportunities, though I do believe that is changing.

    Have fun!


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