They arrived!

They finally arrived!  All day Thursday, I was anxiously waiting quitting time.  I wanted to get home and check the mail.  My business cards were supposed to be delivered.  By the time I got home it was pouring down rain.  I didn’t dare walk across the street to get the mail in fear of ruining the cards.  After the rain let up, I dashed across the road and grabbed the small package in the mailbox.  Once I got into the house, I tore open the package and laid my eyes on my new business cards!  I felt so official.


I decided to go with a double-sided it card with a raised embossing of my name and the Malcolm Stone series.  Since I don’t have a book released yet, I decided to list the titles of the proposed books and anticipated release dates.  The back side is ways readers can contact me.

I am preparing for my upcoming conference and looking forward to being able hand out those beautiful cards to some other writers.  I have already saved back one for me, so I can look back and remember the excitement of receiving my first set of business cards as a writer.


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