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Conferences, Business Cards, and Time to Get Serious

Last week was an interesting and exciting week on the writing front. While I didn’t contribute too much to my overall word count, a lot happened.  I know you are thinking if you didn’t write, what on earth did you do?

Wednesday I was looking through my Google+ feed and noticed a post from Samantha Dunaway-Bryant, saying she was GenCon bound.  GenCon is a large and wonderful gaming convention in Indianapolis, and also home to the Writer’s Symposium.  This past winter a friend of mine was telling me the writer’s seminars at GenCon were pretty good.  At the time I wrote off the information, mainly because I was wanting to attend a conference in Chicago, and I didn’t think the information at GenCon would be relevant to me.  After all I don’t write Scifi or Fantasy.  After reading Samantha’s post I decided to go investigate what this Writer’s Symposium was all about.  Needless to say, I was impressed.  The classes are amazing and best of all the price is unbeatable.  It is less than half the price of the one in Chicago (plus it’s local for me, so no hotel fees) for more than double the  seminars.  So, I promptly requested the days off and I have scheduled myself for over 28 seminars in 3 days.  The days will be long and I have a few breaks where I can run down to the exhibition hall and buy new board games!

In preparation of spending three days with other writers, I thought I should probably order business cards.  I want to be able to connect with these other writers and potential readers.  I had a little trouble coming up with what I should put on them, since I hadn’t actually published a book yet.  I didn’t want a bunch of empty space, so after a lot of debating, the cards I ordered will be two-sided (I’ll post again once I get them at the end of the month and include a picture).  On the front I included my name and website and the three books of the Malcolm Stone series with anticipated release dates.  On the back, I included my blog (again), my twitter handle, Facebook, and email.  I would have included Google+, since that is my secondary social outlet, but the page addresses are a bunch of gobbledygook.

Ordering the business cards made me realize, it’s time to get serious and finish this book.  I have put the anticipated release date for Dissonance as Winter 2014.  So I need to get in gear and write this book!  To help with my motivation issues I have joined MyWriteClub, so far I have missed one of my goals, but I am still on track for finishing the novel by the end of next month.

So here’s to hoping this month is better than last and next month is even better than this one!



1 thought on “Conferences, Business Cards, and Time to Get Serious”

  1. Good on you, Amanda. An artist friend was talking with me about this the other day – we absolutely have to take our careers seriously, and professionally, and treat it like work, even if it’s part time for now, or we’ll never get far. On another note, I’m aiming to publish around the same time as you 🙂

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