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Writing, much like life, comes with frustrations

Some days, I wish I had a freeze ray.  I could stop time and get my goals accomplished.  Lately, I have been frustrated and annoyed.  Things are not going as I planned.  I won’t bore you with details of my life, suffice to say aspects of my life are taking over my writing time and I’m not thrilled with it.

This summer started out with family outings and obligations to be everywhere at once it seems.  Then it turned into preparing for his classes in the fall, which is where we still are focusing our time.  Tomorrow is his orientation and open house to see the brand new state of the art Occupational Therapy teaching center.  I’m excited for him.  We are still up in the air about what August will bring, but hopefully we will get that worked out soon.  I just have to remember our future is more important than spending countless hours writing, and besides this is only temporary.  Once his classes start up these writing delays will be a thing of the past.  We will have all the kinks of this change worked out.

I love that our future is looking bright, but at the same time I think about where my individual future is going and about all the dreams and goals I’ve made and I get frustrated.  I am not where I wanted to be in my 30s.  I try very hard to be content with my life as is, but I can’t help but think there is more.  I should be accomplishing more.  I have recently been putting thought into continuing my own education.  I have been thinking about going back to school to gain a Master’s degree.  I have thought about this for a number of years, but could never decide on what my passion was.  I have never been one to label myself by my job/career, making it difficult for me to decide what I want to dedicate myself to.

I have come up with a number of things I might want to study, but they always fall flat and just don’t seem like a good fit.  I give up on the idea after a few months and go back to the soul searching.  This time feels different.  I enjoy writing and enjoy building my author platform, even if I’ve been slacking the past few months.  Right now,  I’m thinking of pursuing an advanced degree in Public Relations/Journalism.  I am starting to prepare myself to take the GRE, which seems daunting; I’ve been out of any formal education for over 10 years.

I guess I’m tired of waiting around to find my future, and it’s time to take opportunity by the horns.  I am determined to start building a life I am proud of.  I would love to make writing my career, but I realize the likelihood of making a full time career out of my writing is a long shot, so why not develop my skills to something similar that I can make a living from and enjoy it.

Alright, I’m done with my one man pity party.  Back to writing!

What are you doing to make your dreams come true?


5 thoughts on “Writing, much like life, comes with frustrations”

  1. Only in your 30’s. You have your life in front of you. You are experiencing life, embrace it, learn from it and then you can write about it. Your characters will then ring true to life and people can identify with them. If your novels read with as much self doubt and anguish as this blog, then you will do well.
    Don’t let life pass you buy, but on the other hand don’t grasp at what is not going to be fulfilling such as some of these courses unless it is what you really want.

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    1. You are absolutely right John! I am extremely satisfied that I didn’t make any rash decisions in my younger years, because the vision I had for my life then, is much different than the one I have now, which will be much different from the one I have twenty years from now. So I am letting my ideas both in writing and in life percolate to make sure I’m making the right (at the time) decisions. I try to make sure my characters go through anguish and happiness, which I can pull out of my own experiences, though the characters are of course going through something different, but the core feelings are the same.


  2. I am much where you are. Although in some ways, I am a little amazed at where my life is at, there are many ways in which I wonder, “How did I get to my 30s without accomplishing more in this area??” And I definitely wish I had that freeze ray… there are days that LIFE is so crazy that I’m not sure how to get all the rest accomplished!

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  3. I know where you are coming from, I’ve been at that cross-road myself; studying versus writing…weighing the pros and con, being reasonable, trying to picture myself in the future, but it all comes down to one single question: WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU KNEW YOU COULDN’T FAIL?
    The things is, most of the stuff we worry about in the moment are not the same things that makes a dent later in life. It’s all about being true, not about being accomplished. A fun exercise (writing exercise even!) is to write you own eulogy. What do you want it to day? What do you have to look back on?
    Before quitting my job last year I write two version. One from the perspective of staying put, one from the perspective of taking a leap of faith.
    In any case, if you want to study, study. If you want to write, write. Don’t second guess your goals. You are not in prison, you don’t have a terminal illness, you are not deployed overseas, you have so much freedom, so don’t think like you don’t.
    Also, from a super ego perspective, I love your writing, I can’t wait for your series to get published, I can’t wait to see what you write next. So, don’t let down all your future readers. We are waiting for you. (Oh, and when it comes to figure out life and stuff, this is an awesome book:

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