Writing Update Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1


Amanda Staley’s Writing Update

Volume 1 Issue 1

Thank you for signing up to receive emails about my writing process and book release updates. I am excited that you are supporting me on this journey to publish my books.  Each month I will be sending out a similar progress report.  I will update my total word count for my current project, how many completed chapters, the overall goal and goals for the next month.  You will also find some of my favorite photos taken the month prior, a featured author, my top blog posts (in case you missed them), along with the most interacted with posts on my Google+ community.

A little about my current project, Dissonance.  I started writing the Malcolm Stone series in about 2009, while we were still living in Florida.  I had started focusing on the little things in life and getting back in touch with nature.  Malcolm’s story was born from my want to slow life down and enjoy my surroundings. Over the years this story has morphed into something much different from it’s origin, but the end product is one that I think many will enjoy.

Featured Author

Each month is this place I will feature one of my fellow authors, it could be a writer I interact with regularly online or someone whom I have stumbled upon and read their book.

This month I would like to recognize fellow Google+ Coffeehouse member and blogger Christine Campbell.  I have had the opportunity to beta-read her latest book Here at the Gate and loved it.  Please take a moment to get to know her better through her delightful blog, Write Where You Are, and if you like what you read, venture on over to Amazon and pick up one of her books.

Flying Free

Making It Home

Family Matters

Here at the Gate

Synopsis for Dissonance

Malcolm Stone was born into an affluent family in the Boston area.  His influence has afforded him the opportunity to follow his passion of being a pianist. Just as his musical career is starting to gain momentum, his wife, Anabelle, is murdered in their home.  After her death, the truth of their relationship is known.  Malcolm endured years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his beloved wife.  His alibi can not be confirmed, and he is accused of her murder.  Dissonance is a story of heartbreak, forbidden love and intrigue.


First Draft Progress Report

Total Word Count:         52,514

Goal:              80,000 – 90,000

Finished Chapters:              27

Next Steps:

Finish Chapter 19 and transcribe handwritten scenes that occur near the end.

Goals for June:

  • Finish outlining remaining scenes
  • Complete at least four chapters
  • Start a preliminary edit on completed sections

Anticipated Release Date:   Winter 2014

Top 5 Blog Posts

Beautiful weather and a busy weekend

Accepting the role

Change of Scenery

Writer Development

Meet Malcolm Stone

Join the Conversation on Google+ at the Writers’ Coffeehouse

The Writers’ Coffeehouse is a small (150 ish member) community I created on Google+ to facilitate discussion amongst writers at all levels in the trade.  The discussions range from hot topics in the publishing industry, questions writers may have, tips and tricks or just general support for each other.

Most interacted with discussion posts

1.  What kind of writer are you?…. asked by Rebekkah Ford

2.  Randy Charles asked the group about their Writing / Work Balancing Act

3.  Are Indie Writers being unfairly judged?






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