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Lucky 7’s blog hop

Last week Mishka at a Writers Life for Me, wrote a post about lucky 7’s.   The rules are post  7 lines (or sentences) starting at line (or sentence) 7 from page 7 or 77 of your work in progress.  I decided to post from both Dissonance and Reverie.


Dissonance page 7 line 7

“Malcolm! It’s seeping through your dress shirt!” I shrugged. “Take the shirt off so I can soak it. I know that is a tailor-made garment. I have some club soda that should get it out.” Without thinking about it, I took the dress shirt off, doing so exposed a series of bruises and scratches on my arms. She took one look at them and covered her mouth and walked away towards the back of her condo. She disappeared for a while and when she returned she had a first aid kit in her hand. “Let me see your arm.” I started to object. She jerked my arm back as I started to move it. “Let me fix your wound.” She started to roll up my undershirt. “Holy shit.” I turned my eyes from her. I didn’t want to see her judging me.


Reverie page 77 Line 7

I got in the truck and drove towards the firehouse. I was hoping Mark would be there. I did not want to have to go out to his house.   I thought it would be easier to talk to him on somewhat neutral ground. When I pulled up to the firehouse, I saw his white dinged up Silverado in the parking lot a long with a couple other cars. I was relieved that he was at work and there were other people there. I didn’t figure he would create a scene in front of other people.

I walked into the firehouse. Mark was the first man I saw. “What do you want Stone?”



2 thoughts on “Lucky 7’s blog hop”

    1. I thought it was a fantastic idea and had to steal it even though I wasn’t tagged. If I would have written consecutively instead of jumping around like a flea, I would have shared page 77 of Dissonance as well, since page 7 actually falls in the first chapter and is already featured on this blog… but oh well 🙂


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