Dissonance, Malcolm Stone, Reverie

Meet Malcolm Stone

I have talked about my writing process and even shared chapters from my current works, but I have never formally introduced you to my main character.  The past few week I have been working on a bringing characters to life email course.  It has been fun getting to know my characters better and  I thought you all deserved a bit of an introduction to Malcolm.  This is a quick introduction to Malcolm before Dissonance.

Malcolm Vincent Stone is the youngest child of Preston and Matilda Stone a very influential family in the Boston metro area.  When he was in his late teens his father and mother were killed in a automobile accident.  His elder brother, David, became his and his older sister, Olivia’s legal guardian.

From a young age Preston attempted to sculpt Malcolm in to a politician.  When Preston died, Malcolm followed his father’s wishes and enrolled in Harvard political science program.  During his second term he dropped out of Harvard much to his brother’s distaste.  After several arguments with his brother, Malcolm runs off to London to attend the Royal Academy of Music, where he studies the piano and cello.

Malcolm holds a prominent position as a professor of music for Harvard University and has a standing seat with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  He is working towards a solo piano career where he composes the majority of the pieces.  His work is starting to gain popularity in New England.

He married Anabelle Connolly with the first year he was back in the States from living in Paris.  They met at her first gallery show.  He had gone with his high school friend Edmund Lancaster.  As he was admiring the paintings, when a young beautiful blonde woman approaches him and starts discussing the intricacies of the painting.  He is instantly smitten with her.  They are married in a few short months and move to a large home in Harvard Square.

Malcolm is a charismatic man, but sometimes he gets a little egocentric.  When someone meets him they will instantly love him or hate him.  He tends to drink a little too much as his relationships start to deteriorate.  He has expensive taste and doesn’t think twice about the cost of something, if he wants it he obtains it.  He enjoys sailing catamarans.  He owns two; one a large luxury catamaran that he enjoys hosting parties on and the other racing and joy riding.

I hope you enjoyed a little sneak peek into the background of Malcolm Stone.  Is there anything else you would like to know about my characters?

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10 thoughts on “Meet Malcolm Stone”

  1. Amanda, how much does the email course cost? I’ve been writing about my main character and others as if they live in the neighborhood of the reader. This means the reader doesn’t get to know all about them at once. I kind of like this way of doing it but whether it’s something the reader wants, I don’t know.

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    1. The course is through Creative Writing Now (http://www.creative-writing-now.com). I think the full price is about $27 to $28, but when I signed up for the free three day course I got a 20% coupon and only paid $17-ish. It’s been well worth it, even though I’m a bit behind schedule.

      I think that is a neat way to write. It’s similar to real life, you don’t meet everyone all at once unless you are having a neighborhood party! 🙂


    1. I would live to tell his biggest secret, but I would give too much away 🙂

      He does however have two best friends. Edmund Lancaster an architect ans friend from high school and Jean-Pierre (who I believe might be missing a last name) a gentleman he met while living in Paris who happens to be a chef.


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