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Balancing Act

Trying to get everything done in a day is a balancing act.  I was having to choose between working out, cooking dinner, writing and a multitude of other things.  Lately my writing has managed to take a back burner.  I always like to spend hours during evening with my book to get the most out of the time spent writing, but recently I have noticed that is erroneous thinking.

The last few nights I have dedicated to writing I have given myself time limits.  I have been settling down to write later in the evenings and I have to be up early to make it to work on time.  I have set at most two hours aside for writing.  Monday night was the first night I had decided to dedicate some time for writing.  I wrote around 400-600 words.  Not many words in about an hour and a half to two hours to write.  This evening I managed to utilize my time better.  While dinner was cooking I did a short yoga routine and then spent a little time with the hubby and I gave myself an hour to write on Dissonance.  This evening I managed to write about 850 words a major improvement.

I have tried giving myself a time limit on writing before, but I have always ignored it when it came time to quit.  This evening I had a realization, since I am typically listening to music while writing, I should use the Pandora sleep timer function.  I set the timer to 60 minutes and started writing.  When the music stopped playing, I finished my thought and put away my writing.  So at 9:30 pm I stopped writing.  I helped my husband install the window air conditioner and then set the timer again to write this blog post.  My goal is to be in bed by 11 pm and up at 6 am to do another quick yoga practice, a simple 7 sun salutations before work.

I am hoping this change in my writing process will help me utilize my time more wisely and reduce the amount of distractions I have when it is time to sit down and write.  Tonight I only managed to play on social media for less than 10 minutes, until I realized what I was doing then I put my phone away and got back to writing.  I think limiting my amount of time that I am able to devote to writing will help my process become more precise and in the end more fruitful than just sitting in front of the computer for hours staring at a blank screen or hammering out 1,500 words then not writing again for several days.  If I give myself an hour each day or even ever other day, I think the end result will be more words and more productivity.

I am looking forward to finding more writing hacks.  Pandora’s sleep time is a godsend.  Here’s to a new writing process!  Hope everyone’s week is productive and creative.




2 thoughts on “Balancing Act”

  1. Good on you! I’m still recreating my routine (and will continue to adjust it, I am sure), but I find that time limits work wonders for my writing. An hour a day of actual writing sounds like a good idea – I might try it out 🙂


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