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Focus! Back to Writing

I have done little writing in the past two weeks, I have contracted spring fever.  After the winter we endured, I am happy to see warmer weather bee1even though it is wrecking havoc on my writing.  I started by taking a couple of days off to catch up with my online learning courses and trying to figure out where I was going next with the story.  My characters wrote me into a corner, or rather I just wasn’t paying attention and lost the way.  Those two days somehow turned into a week and then that week turned into a second week.  I neglected my blog posting, twitter account, and Google+ communities and it was a struggle to sit back down at the computer to write on my book.

There is some truth to writing everyday, though I hardly ever write on my book everyday, but I am somehow active within the writing community.  Some days it’s just social media, others I try to focus on writing my book, but I am typically active.  Last week was different, I wasn’t very active on any of it, and it was a huge challenge to get back to the drawing board.

I still haven’t figured out what I am going to write next, but I see that it is essential for me to sit down and write on Dissonance.  It doesn’t matter what I write, I just know I must write.  If I don’t start writing now, it could be months before I get back to writing and I want to finish this draft soon. By fall I want to be either marketing a published book or working diligently on edits and if I let this beautiful weather distract me, I will miss my deadlines.  The sooner I finish this draft the better; big changes are on the horizon for me.  So I’m off to buckle down and focus on writing!

What have been some of your biggest distractions lately to writing?


2 thoughts on “Focus! Back to Writing”

  1. I find family life to be the biggest distraction to my writing. My kids need my time. My husband needs my time. I find if I have to go away for more than a day or so, it takes several days to get back into the rhythm of my WIP.

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  2. I think my biggest distraction is the time of day when I write. I really don’t have a choice in the matter seeing that I need utter peace and quiet when I write. I’m determined to get my head wrapped around this time I’ve set aside but it’s still and uphill battle.

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