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Dreams do come true!


Monday, my husband and I got exciting news.  He got accepted into an Occupational Therapy doctoral program.  He was chosen to be one of the 38 students to be accepted into this class.  The program is one of about ten doctoral programs across the country.  I am very excited to play the supporting role in his adventure to make his dreams come true.

Three and a half years ago, he gave up his career in methodical research for me.  We were living in Florida at the time and dreamed of moving back “home” to Indiana.  He gave me the opportunity to pursue what, at the time, I thought was a dream job back in Indiana.  We packed all our stuff and moved back for a measly $38k a year (a little less than half of what we were making at the time).

We struggled for that first year.  He had trouble finding work in his specialized field.  He worked off and one at temporary contract type employments,  never really satisfied with any of them.  During this time he started thinking about what he really wanted to do in life.  He decided he wanted to help people.  His favorite jobs were when he was interacting with others, not during the past several years when he was stuck behind a desk.  He searched tirelessly to find that one dream job.  Finally he found it, Occupational Therapy (OT).  He put in several hours of observation at OT clinics and countless more hours volunteering at the Veterans Hospital in  the OT department.

He researched schools and their per-requisites to get into the program and went back to college (at 36 years old) to complete the odd classes he hadn’t taken.  The schools were competitive and he had a low GPA for his undergraduate course from being young and reckless during his sophomore year.  It was questionable if he would be able to get into a program, but it was worth the chance to see if a dream could be achieved.  We decided it was better to fail then to never try.  If he didn’t get accepted in he wouldn’t have to go through life wondering what if.

For over a year we had felt like our life was in suspended animation.  Everything was put on hold pending this one decision.  The past two months were the worst.  He had interviewed for this program and we were waiting for a decision. We had also been wanting to move out of our rental, but we didn’t know what August held.  We weren’t 100% sure we would be in the state, let a lone the area.  We didn’t want to sign a new lease to have to pay a ridiculous fee to terminate it early.  Once we got the word Monday that he was accepted into his first choice (coincidentally the closest to home), everything that seemed to unappealing to us took on a magical air of being temporary.  Now we know where we will be for the next three years and a can start planning.

Him taking a chance to pursue this dream was a shot in the dark, but I am so happy he took the chance. It’s never too late to take a chance, sometimes it may be difficult to take the leap, but end the end it’s worth the chance. At least you will know the outcome, which to me is better than not knowing.

So for the next few months things might get a bit hectic with decisions that need to be made about our living arrangements and responsibilities, but I am looking forward to this next chapter of our lives.


4 thoughts on “Dreams do come true!”

  1. I think this is going to be a fantastic adventure. His spirits have already lifted substantially since the acceptance into the program. Now the only challenge will be to figure out what will change in our lives and how to adapt to them. 🙂


  2. OT is one that I wish I had gotten better therapists with. I still need that type of therapy but I can’t find a therapist who will go pass the basics Cheer him on as much as possible. He may be the one to revolutionize this type the therapy. I hope so anyway.


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