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Progress Report

I thought it was about time I checked in with my progress on Dissonance.  I have been talking a lot about theory and practice, but not much about my actual project.  I started working on Dissonance Nov 2013, technically I started writing it as my NaNoWriMo project in 2012, but gave it up after the second chapter to work on Reverie.  This past weekend I hit what I believe is the halfway point.  Saturday – Monday I wrote well over 6,000 words bringing the grand total to over 43,000.  I haven’t written on it since Monday, as I have been a little sleep deprived and trying to catch up on my Coursera courses on music (I call it character research for Malcolm, or perhaps I just enjoy music).  I am behind schedule on my original goal, but I still think I can have the first draft completed by the end of May.  Which might push back the release until Fall 2014 instead of summer, but I am alright with that.  I just want to make sure the book I publish is the best that I can make it.

Right now I have been writing the scenes that lead to the ending, which I am still not 100% sure how that will unfold.  I still need to go back and fill in the gaping plot holes, build some relationships and the bulk of the murder investigation, but I see the overall shape and have ideas of what will happen.

As I am writing the ending sequence of Dissonance, my mind has started wandering towards Reverie, the sequel (that is already “finished”).  I have never been very happy with the open chapters.  They felt flat and unrealistic and didn’t really serve the plot that unfolds later in the book.  It is part of the original work that I started in 2007.  I like to believe my writing has developed and grown during those years.  I have grown more confident in my writing ability and have gotten more descriptive.  As Dissonance is coming to a close I am getting a better picture of where Malcolm’s character development needs to be and where the story left off.  Yesterday while sitting at work, I thought up a new opening scene for Reverie.  So as soon as Dissonance goes out to the beta-readers (If you are interested in beta-reading, pay close attention for a call out in May or June!)
I will be back at work on Reverie replacing the first fourteen chapters or so.

How are your projects going?



4 thoughts on “Progress Report”

    1. I am really hoping I am moving in the right direction. I feel much more motivated about it than I did over the winter months and much more than I did two years ago. It’s been a bit of a process for me, but I think I starting to figure out what works.


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