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Why I Write

2013-10-09 21.00.04I have always despised being asked the question: “why do you write?”  The inner smart alack wants to retort why do you breathe?  Luckily that filter located in the frontal lobe of my brain does on occasion work, and instead I politely respond back with the standard, I enjoy writing.

Though the question does have some merit.  Why do I write?  I have many hobbies that I enjoy, but I don’t stick with them like I do writing.  What makes writing different?

I really wanted to explore the idea of why I write.  Yes, it is true that I write because I enjoy writing.  I thought back to why I started writing the Malcolm Stone series.  It was simple reason, to prove that I could do it. I wanted to see if I had what it took to craft a story.

Once I started creating, I learned I enjoyed the process of seeing my own creativity spill onto the page.  After a few chapters, I started building a bond between myself and my characters.  I enjoyed watching them grow and develop.  As the plot advanced and themes started appearing, I discovered I could lend more emotion to my characters if I pretended to live through the circumstances and give the actions I believed I would have to the characters.  Though it does make writing a particularly emotional scene difficult and exhausting.  At times I even catch myself making odd faces or acting out the body language trying to capture the right description (which is why I generally write in the comfort of my own home and not at a coffee shop, I wouldn’t want any to think I am crazy!)

What once started as a test of my own willpower and resolve has turned into an obsession of creating and living through my characters.  Now I write because I owe it to myself to finish the story of the characters I have brought to life and to see how far I can go on this journey of being a writer.



4 thoughts on “Why I Write”

    1. Thanks Yolanda! I believe I managed to make realistic characters, but once I get my book published and reviews start coming in is when I will know for sure 🙂


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