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Where did the dreamers go?

If you were ten again, what would you write about? -@MeleenaAErikson 

Today while reading my twitter feed, I came across this tweet.  It got me thinking about all the creativity young children have and how society teaches us to grow up and leave that aspect of our lives behind.  It’s like we forget how to dream.  My niece is 6 years old and is constantly making up stories and filming made up documentaries.  It’s so adorable the creative minds that children have.

I remember as a child watching the clouds pass by and seeing all sorts of shapes and creatures in the sky.  I actually had to re-teach myself to use that part of my creative muscle.  I spent many years neglecting my dreams of being a writer and instead pursued a respectable adult career and forgot about my childish dreams of having my head in the sky and writing.  Luckily I came to my senses and started writing.  I have enjoyed the journey and have learned many things about myself along the way.

I also thought of Zenobia‘s work in progress about a man who ran away from home to search for creativity.  I want to think Zee has also found she had to unlearn the ways of being an adult and learn to use her creative mind that we all seem to be born with again.

Back to the original tweet… if I were ten again what would I write about?  Well, the question is what wouldn’t I write about!  I would write about animals, fuzzy woodland creatures, my pets, dogs, cats, ducks!  I would write about ghosts, I used to love stories about ghosts when I was a kid.  I would write about flowers and the sun shining brightly.  I would write poetry without feeling silly and inadequate.

I feel blessed that over the years, I have been able to regain a little of that childish creativity I had as a young child.  If I have learned anything over the years is sometimes you have to write like you were a child again.  I think I may have to do a free writing exercise soon from the perspective of myself as a young child.

If you suddenly found yourself at age 10 again, what would you write about?




4 thoughts on “Where did the dreamers go?”

  1. What a great post 🙂 I think as a writer we have to find that imagination we used to have as a child, and let it run wild.

    At age 10, I have no idea 😀 My imagination was very vivid back then, I did love Fantasia, and was obsessed with the pretty centaur ladies in it, so probably something about that!

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    1. I had forgotten all about the centaur ladies. My favorite part of Fantasia was the hippo ballerinas and the alligators. I am betting I would have a whole new appreciation for the movie if I watched it now 🙂


  2. Yes! I love this quote! Thinking back, I remember one of the biggest reasons I went into the teaching profession: children are inspiring creatures.

    The way they see the world – the wonder and the injustice – and how they haven’t been limited by grown-up ideas of ‘that’s how it works’ or ‘life’s unfair’, is important for us to remember. We need to see the world a bit more like them, a lot more often.

    Also, in response to your question, I would probably write what I have just written! I spent a lot of time wondering about grown-ups, and how they seemed to forget what it’s like to be a child, and the EQUAL value that children have to us.

    But I better stop typing now or I’ll get stuck into a rant lol. Great post, Amanda 🙂


    1. To be honest Zee, when I saw the question the first thing I thought about was your story! It really is a shame that we get so caught up in being a grown up that we forget how to live. Sometimes acting like a child is a great thing!


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