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Ravages of the Seasons

I must admit, for the past year I have been very reflective in nearly every aspect of my life.  During this time I have noticed it was time to embrace my role as a writer.  I have started taking the steps to move from the hobbyist writer to the professional writer.  The first step in this transition has been to take a long and critical look at my writing process.  I recently discovered my energy and motivation returning and it was no surprise it is coinciding with the change in season.  I spent a little time pondering this occurrence.


wpid-20140105_153725.jpgI have noticed many people seem to love writing in the winter.  My social media circles have been booming with activity.  I typically start out strong, but end in a fizzle.  Once the weather starts turning colder, I think I will be able to spend a lot of time writing with a nice warm beverage.  I make all these grandiose goals of what I am going to accomplish during the winter months, but in reality I know none will happen.  Sometime the newness of winter wears off and I fall into a seasonal depression, that I don’t even know what happens to the days, weeks and months.  I lose interest in most of my hobbies and spend the time either napping or watching the television like a  zombie.  I would love to be productive in the winter, but as seasons past have shown me that is just not in my destiny, but I next year I will be prepared with a natural sunlight lamp.


wpid-20130628_160223.jpgSpring is a flurry of activity for me.  The world starts waking up from its brown slumber and turns back to luscious green.  My birds start showing up at the feeders regularly and my wildflowers start blooming.  I can still sit inside, watching the birds peck around at the feeder, chirping beautifully or listening to the rain tap against the windows, all while enjoying a nice cup of tea.  The return of my favorite activities means a return of my motivation.  My creativity starts out slowly, but by the end of the season it’s running at full steam.


 wpid-20130729_150703.jpgWith the leaves in full bloom on the trees and the temperatures warmed up, the sun shines brightly most days making it the perfect time to sit outside and write.  I love writing outside despite the glare on my screen, but the breeze in my hair and the sun on my face, helps the words flow freely from my mind.  Many claim summer is too busy for them to concentrate on writing, so much activity and commitments to keep, but for me it’s perfect.  The law of attraction comes into play in the summer months.  The more I have to do and the more time I am out enjoying myself, the more I want to sit down and work on my book.  There is just something about being busy and happy that keeps me motivated.  The same is true at my day job, the busy days I love my job and the days go by quickly, but those days I don’t have much to do, I get basically nothing done because I just don’t feel like working.  Summer is probably my most productive writing season, just because of the activities I have going on.


DSC00314The breezes start getting cooler and the leaves start turning gorgeous colors, and I find myself back inside the house with a warm beverage.  There is still plenty of activity, and noticed a lot of plotting for new stories starting to emerge, from my mind.  My creativity starts to dwindle, at least for writing.  I start thinking about knitting, or painting, or even photography.  The mind and body tire from sitting at a keyboard for countless hours and seek something different.  I typically take a short break in the fall to enjoy the hobbies I have or just to think and plot out the next project I hope to embark on.


 Seasons have a lot of effect on my writing, but the biggest influence is how much the sun shines.  How do the seasons influence your writing?


4 thoughts on “Ravages of the Seasons”

  1. What an observant post 😀

    I think winter is the hardest, I should be most productive because I’m stuck inside because of the weather so what else is there to do? 😀 But I find the dark and wet really demotivating.

    Spring and summer are definitely my best times, when the sun is shining and everything feel optimistic 🙂


    1. I can completely agree with that statement! I love the “birth” of all the new leaves and flowers. Over the years my favorite season has shifted from Autumn to Spring. 😀


  2. Seasons don’t effect me as much as they do you, I guess. That said though, how much sun or lack of it during the course of a day will disturb me a little, although I can combat it by turning on lights throughout the house. Yes, that’s seasonal depression but I can get it whenever there are too many sunless days. The hot bothers me more than the cold, but that can be remedied by just staying in the air conditioning of my house. I think uncontrollable distractions effect my writing the most.


    1. I never noticed the season effecting me when they weren’t so different. When I lived in Florida, I didn’t notice much difference in my writing or my moods, but there the sun was out nearly all the time. I swear here in the Midwest the sun only shines two weeks during the winters! 🙂

      I always thought I handled cold better than the heat, until we moved back. When in Florida my argument was always “I’d rather be cold because I can layer up to get warm, but the heat… well you can only take off so many layers of clothing before you are naked and still hot.” After this winter I’d rather be hot, because I just could not get warm 🙂


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