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Little known facts

I thought I would do something different and a little fun with today’s blog post. I’ll share some little known facts about myself.  I figured I owed you a personal post, it’s been a little while since I shared one and I have been focusing way too much on writing.

Fact number one, over 90% of the coffee I drink is decaffeinated.  I love my coffee, but last year I noticed if I drink a whole 12 cup pot by myself, it gives me heart palpitations.  As a true coffee addict, instead of deciding to drink a reasonable amount of coffee during the day like a normal human would have, I decided to switch to drinking decaf.  The heart palpitations are basically a thing of the past and I still get to enjoy the wonderful taste of fresh brewed coffee (with much less caffeine).

To go with the coffee deception, most people believe I am a morning person, but in reality I have to drag myself out of bed everyday.  The only reason most people at work think I am a morning person, is because I have been awake for well over an hour before I get there and have driven a half hour waking up in process.  So by the time anyone comes in contact with anyone, I have on my chipper smiling face.  Only my husband sees the true morning grouch, the don’t talk to me before I get out of the shower persona.

I also should set my clocks about 5-10 minutes fast, so I would actually be on time to appointments and gatherings.  I am perpetually late to any function.  I blame it on living so far away from all our friends and family, and apparently I spent too many years working from home to pay close attention to the time.  Unfortunately since the days of cell phones and automatic time updates it’s a little hard for me to pretend it’s a different time than it actually is.  So now all my friends and family tell me to meet them 10-15 minutes before they actually want me there.

I absolutely love summer in all of its heat and humidity.  I think I might have been an amphibian in my prior life or perhaps that strand of DNA is not so dormant in my genes :).  Last year during the summer I went outside for lunch nearly every non-rainy and warm day.  I would even be known to sit outside in the upper 70s, lower 80s in my wool dress pants and not break a sweat.  I blame it on the acclamation to Florida’s climate.  Ms. Avy and I used to sit outside for lunch everyday in the shade, even though it was blazing hot.

I can relate almost all life’s events to a cartoon episode I have watched.  One year I had taken my ferret home to my parents house during the Christmas holiday and at the time they have a 12lbs Siamese cat.  It was entertaining to watch the cat chase the ferret, then the ferret chase the cat.  At one point in time the cat chased the ferret under the refrigerator.  The cat was watching the front of the fridge where the ferret had entered and the ferret comes out the back looks at the cat and takes off running.  The only thing I was thinking was I wanted the ferret to bite the cat’s tail, then it would have been exactly like the episode of Tom and Jerry I was thinking it looked like.  Life seems so much more fun when you can relate it to a cartoon.

I honestly don’t enjoy chocolate in the summer.  Something about that flavor and the hot weather just doesn’t combine.  I think it has something to do with the sticky melt-y nature of chocolate, but I doesn’t matter if I am in air conditioning or outside, chocolate just doesn’t sound good if it’s hot.  But if the weather is cooler… GIVE ME THAT CHOCOLATE!

So that’s some of my oddities in a nutshell 🙂  Feel free to share some of your own!


12 thoughts on “Little known facts”

  1. As I read how you are, I was surprised at myself agreeing with you on some of your points. I think of myself as a morning person but, at the same time, I don’t communicate until I’ve drunk half of my first mug of coffee. I’m pleasant enough at that point but not until then. I should switch to decaf but so far I do that halfway through the afternoon. I feel that I must, absolutely must find the humor in situations if I’ve going to be able to deal with most of them. If I didn’t do this, crawling under a rock and never coming out may be my only option. You’re right about the chocolate except if it’s ice cream, but even then, I want some vanilla mixed in.

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    1. I love drinking the decaf coffee. I have a motto that there are no short cuts in life… but I think I might have to amend that comment to; there are no short cuts in life, except decaf coffee. 🙂

      I always am finding the humor situations too… sometimes inappropriately too soon after it happens, but that’ a whole different story 🙂


  2. I have the clock in my car 12 minutes fast… it keeps me on time :p
    I might have to try that decaf coffee… at the moment when I have a craving for a hot drink but have had too much caffiene, I have rooibos tea or hot choc.
    My oddities? I heat my cereal in the microwave before eating it, I prefer children’s movies to grown-up ones, and breakfast for dinner is almost a norm :p

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    1. I try to set my clocks fast, but it never seems to work for me! I can’t fool myself, it probably doesn’t help that I use my cell phone as my alarm clock and those silly things always update to the right time. I too love breakfast for dinner, most of the time it just doesn’t sound good during breakfast time, but later in the day it sounds awesome!


  3. Hi Amanda! Ha,ha! I loved this! It’s great getting to know a bit more about you. You know what? Life does seem more fun when you can relate it to a cartoon! And that whole chocolate thing makes perfect sense to me. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat chocolate in the summer anymore. :/ Ha,ha!

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