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Living with a Pack of Thieves

At the request of Dyane Forde today’s post is about the pack of  thieves that live in my home, otherwise known as ferrets.  My husband and I own four ferrets, even though we said three was the maximum.

We have Sissy (Suzy-Q) who is 7 years old, Pan-Wan (Pandora) who is 4 years old, Boogie (Clyde) and his litter mate, Minky (Bonnie) who are 1 1/2 years old.

Sissy is our residentOct 2010 -  Feb 2011 014 treat-hound.  She’s old and like most old ladies she mainly wants to sleep and be left alone.  She’s probably the most spoiled of them all.  Since she is out living her live expectancy, she has the run of the roost.  She gets to stay out and run (more like gallop) the house while we are asleep (the other three are locked in a room).  She is the only one that doesn’t climb into our bed, bite our toes or stick cold noses on our eyelids.  Instead she sleeps in whatever is handy – blankets, discarded pants, pajamas that missed the laundry basket, cashmere sweaters basically anything soft or silky.  When she was young and spry her favorite spot to sleep was in my underwear and pajamas drawer.  She has a few lucid hours a week were she is running around the house getting into trouble, playing in tunnels, begging for treats, and chewing the rubber wheel of the computer mouse.

Pan-Wan is a trouble maPandoraker.  I like to call her my white devil (equinsu ocha).  She is a fireball of energy.  She’ll run around the house jumping and hissing playing in the tunnels, beating up on the stuffed animals, stealing socks (I don’t wonder why half my socks are missing their mates) and dragging them under the couch.   She plays with Boogie in the mornings where they will chase each other and wrestle.  She likes to run halfway through the tunnel, then turn around and make him back out because he is too big to turn around.  Pan-Wan though insanely hyper and a master thief, is biggest lover.  Nearly every night when I put her to bed, I make kissing noises at her and she will kiss my check.  She also gets jealous when I sit too close to Jay (I think she has a crush on him).  If you ever want kisses from her all you have to do is scratch her little back.

1390529709702Boogie is a beast weighing in at least five pounds with giant grizzly bear feet.  He has an innocent sweet pie face, but don’t let that fool you, he’ll still lunge at your face and give you toothy kisses (basically slamming his teeth into your cheek without actually biting, as it to say Yeah, I could have bitten you).  Every time we open the door to our bedroom (it’s normally closed when they are out) he runs in and jumps and rolls around like a little monkey on our bed.  For being such a large ferret he is very fast and extremely hard to catch once he gets in there.  He probably loves playing with the cat toys, like the mouse on a bungee cord, more than anyone else, though he isn’t very good at giving up the toy once he catches it.  And don’t be silly enough to think you can reach down and try to take it away from him with your hands (I got bit yesterday do that).

Minky is the most the cuddly.  She has actually falleBonnien asleep on my lap a couple of times.  She also the most vicious of them all (a shark with razor blades for teeth).  Don’t let the adorable little face and that brown little nose fool you, she’s 100% predator, especially when  it comes to my plate.  Every time I sit down in the living room with any food, she is in my face begging for a piece.  She will eat about any meat – beef, salmon, chicken (her favorite) and if we aren’t having meat, that’s okay she’ll take some of those green beans or broccoli even cheese if you have any of that.  She can be nowhere to be seen and you grab a treat for one of the other three, then suddenly she appears out of nowhere begging on her hind legs for one too.  It doesn’t matter if she had one just a few moments ago or not, and if you don’t give her one she’ll just steal someone’s.  I am starting to think she is learning tricks from our old gal Sissy.  The two of them do sleep curled up quite often.

So many people seem to believe ferrets aren’t affectionate, but  I would argue the contrary, while they have different ways of showing it, they are just as loving (if not more) than any dog or cat.  Everyday when I come home from work little Minky is sitting at the gate waiting for me (so what if she just thinks it’s treat time).  When we are sitting in the living room they will jump up on the chair or couch just to see what we are doing.  They are inquisitive little critters and make life much more interesting.

And yes it is true…. ferrets do attack more humans than grizzly bears!


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