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For the Love of Winter

This winter has been especially cold and snowy.  As a child, I would have been excited.  This type of winter was indicative of snow days and sledding, but as an adult it has somehow lost its wonder.  Cold snowy winters now mean getting up even earlier to make it to work on time (which I am terrible at), driving on ice-covered roads and just plain grumpiness.  I tend to hole up in my house and lose all motivation and become prone to taking naps, while wishing it were spring.

Even though spring is still a ways off, yesterday we decided to go out an enjoy ourselves like we would during the spring.  Just because it’s cold and snowy out doesn’t mean we have to give up on living for the entirety of season.

One of my favorite places to photograph is the Oldfields Garden at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  I have taken pictures during the summer and fall.  I have somehow missed spring, which will be remedied this year.  I have one spot that I would love to have a photo of all four seasons.  So far I have summer, fall and now winter.  I plan on getting the last photo for the set in late March or early April, depending on when the leaves bud.

I took as many photos as I could in the gardens, but they had closed the majority of the paths down due to ice.  All in all it was a wonderful time, we were cold, but that’s what the heater in the car is for!

After we left the museum grounds we went to Ft. Harrison State Park for about an hour to take some more photos.  We didn’t venture out to walk the trails as we didn’t have snow pants on, but we did walk a little bit.

There was a large hill in the park that children were sledding down.  We remembered the fun we used to have sledding.  So a plan was hatched for next weekend.  If there is still snow down (which there should be since I think the high of the week is less than freezing) and we can procure a sled, we are going to sled down the hill.

On the way out of the park we saw two beautiful white tail deer.  We stopped in the road to watch them.  We had a couple of cars, leaving the sledding hill, pass us seemingly not even noticing the beautiful display of nature.

All in all we had a wonderful day and remembered that cold weather is no excuse not to enjoy ourselves and the life given to us.


4 thoughts on “For the Love of Winter”

  1. I shivered as I looked at your photos. But I don’t think I was reacting to the snow all around in that garden. I could almost bet money that I wouldn’t have shivered if the sun was shining in those photos, even if I would see your breath in them too. I think I was reacting to the gloomy sky.


    1. I know! The photos are so gloomy looking. Saturday the sun was out for only a very small amount of time. Then we got a couple more inches of snow on top of the 10+ that was already down. Yesterday probably would have been a better day for photos though. I saw the sun much more, it was sparkling sea of diamonds!


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