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One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone says they are too busy or they just don’t have the time.  It especially irks me when I am asking for assistance on a project where they can criticize or even pretend like they care, but when it comes to needing help they are just too busy.  I take that as an insult saying their time is too valuable to be wasted and mine means nothing.  I always say you make time for what is important to you and when you are just too busy it’s merely a time management issue.

The same is true for writing, I have always said my biggest obstacle is finding the time to write.  There are so many obligations an indie writer has outside of writing her story.  She has to build an author platform, be active on social media, maintain a blog with consistent posts, the list goes on and on.  Where on earth does she find time to write?  It’s all so overwhelming, but I again attribute my lack of time to poor time management.

I put my theory to the test this week in attempt to approximate how much time I actually have a week that is vastly unaccounted for.  Below is my calculation:

Total hours in a week: 168

Sleep: Approximately 56 hours

Work: 37.5 hours

Commute: 5 hours

Misc household responsibilities: 20 hours

Leaving a total of 49.5

That’s a lot of time!  49 hours unclaimed by necessities and I probably over estimated the time for household responsibilities (cooking, cleaning, playing with pets, getting ready in the morning, etc) since most those responsibilities are split between my husband and I.  I will then say an average week I have between 40 and 55 hours to dedicate to my hobbies, with this calculation there is no reason I don’t have time to work out for an hour every other day or countless other things I convince myself I just don’t have the time to do.  It’s all a matter of managing my time carefully and figuring out which things are important to me and make that time count.  I plan on making a schedule to take full advantage of this new found time, so I won’t be trying to chase too many dreams at once and not accomplishing any of them.

So to answer my earlier question where does a writer find time to write, well if they work a schedule similar to mine and don’t have children, well there’s tons of time to write during a week.  It truly is a matter of time management skills.  So think twice the next time you start to say you don’t have time, perhaps you really do!


5 thoughts on “Making time”

  1. An interesting calculation, Amanda. 🙂
    In my case, there are 40 work hours and the 47 remaining hours need to be distributed between, my husband, daughter, cats, reading, reviewing, blogging, writing, social media. However, whenever someone needs me – I am there.
    All in all, that doesn’t leave that much time for writing. I’ll take some more time to finish the novel, no harm done.


  2. Actually Amanda, you did forget something else you need to do each week, eat. And I don’t recommend eating as you write. Both will suffer that way. Another thing, give yourself at least 45 minutes to eat each meal. Scarfing down food will only give you digestive problems on top of it all.

    With all of that said however, I have a tendency to dramatize about how much time I need to write each day. I do have a disability that prevents me from using both hands to type so I don’t get as many words down as most people can. Still, I need to stop the drama and just get more work in at the keyboard.


    1. I roughly included eating into my 20 hours. It have slightly exaggerated how much time I really have, but I still have tons of time to get things done!

      I have to say you are doing a great job typing with only one hand! Keep up the great work and never be too hard on yourself for “wasting” time, if you have enjoyed your day no time is actually wasted!


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