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10 Statements – Amanda Staley

I was featured on My Train of Thoughts 10 statements special! Go check out Karen’s site!

I really enjoyed participating, it was interesting to sit back and think about the depths of her statements.

My train of thoughts on...


My name is Amanda Staley. I am a very positive person who loves nature, animals, practicing yoga, and all things book related.  I am a records manager at a police department by day, but by night and weekend I am a writer and amateur photographer.  I recently finished my first novel Reverie and I am currently working on the first book in the series Dissonance.

Photos Oct 08 to Aug 09 531 (2)

My personal motto:

To be present in the moment and to smile everyday.

10 statements
  1. A typical work day begins with… the alarm going off and me wishing it were Friday, while promptly hitting the snooze button 3 times before dragging myself out of bed to head for the shower.  I am like a cranky walking zombie before my shower!
  2. I lose track of time… when I am doing anything I enjoy, especially when writing, reading or playing video games 🙂
  3. I have…

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