Dissonance, Malcolm Stone, Writing Samples


I have talked and talked about Reverie, the second book in the Malcolm Stone Series, but I haven’t mentioned much about Dissonance, the first book in the series.  Why you may ask?  Well because I am still in the course of writing it.  When I started writing the two books were one, until I realized I had a lot more story to tell than the confines of one book would allow.  After I made the decision there would need to be at least two books to tell Malcolm’s story, I decided to remain writing the second part.  The first part was more emotionally charged and I thought I needed to grow more as a writer before I could actually portray the story I wanted to tell.

Dissonance is a challenge to write and I am having a blast doing so.  I can tell already the style of my writing will cause some changes to Reverie, but that’s what re-writes are for anyway.  I thought I would share the draft of first two chapters of Dissonance with you.  Let me know what you think.

Dissonance – Chapter 1 & 2


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