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As you note lately I haven’t been posting as regularly as I had been, there are multiple reasons that I don’t want to bore you all with the details!  So let’s just say I’m at a crossroads with where I am going to go with this blog.  I have been toying with several ideas.  My ultimate goal is to find readers who may want to read my book once it is published (hopefully Spring 2014), but I don’t want to alienate my fellow writers who have been there for me and supported me.

As I was pondering what I should do (post more samples of my writing, conduct author interviews, writing advice, more about my own writing style, or just jump out the window and start talking about myself and the boring world I live in), it came to me.  Why not ask my blog readers what they would like to see.

Come January I should have most of my “reasons for not blogging” wrapped up, and will have more time to dedicate to this blog and my other writing ventures.

So my faithful readers what would you like to see from me?  Any and all suggestions are appropriate and welcome.




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