My very first attempt at web badges

A while back I had asked the writer’s group from Google+, aptly named Support-a-Writer, what we could do to make the group a better place.  Someone (Zee Southcombe) thought a badge for their blog would be awesome.  I said I would see what I could do about it.  I had since forgotten about my promise, sometimes I’m really bad about that!  I noticed last week our group was quickly approaching the 500 member mark.  I promised everyone I would make a badge in honor of that momentous occasion.

I searched the internet far and wide for royalty free images and thought about a little slogan that I could add to the badges.  This is what I came up with, one with a creative image and the other writing and book related.

support a writer badge 2                                         Support-a-Writer



9 thoughts on “My very first attempt at web badges”

      1. I feel in love with the bottom image too and said I have to use that one!! The top one while cute I thought perhaps the men of the group might not find that one too girly!


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