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Editing…. the joyless writing

When I was younger I always thought writing a book would be the hardest part of being a writer, but I was wrong!.  Now that I’ve finished my first draft I am going back through the entire book editing.  It has taken me over five years to put this first draft to paper.  I only wrote when I felt like writing and I love to let life get in the way of writing, because to me making memories with those that I love is much more important than sitting hunched over my laptop attempting to create a story.  It’s not to say that I don’t love writing, but sometimes there are more important things to do.  Since it took me so long to piece this novel together I know the style and voice has changed throughout.  Now the tedious part of making sure the story flows, I am not missing any major components of the plot and the writing style is the same begins.  I want to have this at least a passable story before I go on the hunt for beta readers.

In the past two weeks I have learned editing is less joyful than putting the story on paper.  Now I am taking a story I wrote and tearing it apart, looking at it with a critical eye and fixing the errors that I find.  It is a test of faith.  On more than one occasion I have thought it would be best to scrap the whole thing or that my writing is not good enough to be in print.  Editing takes perseverance, to continue ahead despite the inner pessimist telling you the writing is not good enough or that people will make poke fun and not like what you have poured your heart and time into.  Editing is to rise above it all and see the project to fruition.

My goal this week it to get through at least chapter ten.  I would like to finish it out, but with other daily obligations I see that very unlikely, but in either case I would love to have this book ready for beta reading by mid August.


6 thoughts on “Editing…. the joyless writing”

  1. I’ve found that I had to let go of it completely, before I am anywhere close to being able to edit it well. I have given my first draft (in terrible form) to two close friends who I both respect as readers & writers – I am lucky to have them.

    I have received positive & constructive criticism from one, and am awaiting the second. Once I have that, and I have given myself time to process the whole story, I feel that I will be capable of editing more objectively.

    A Twitter friend said that she loves the editing process – it’s about taking the raw material and refining it into something beautiful. It’s an excellent way to look at it, methinks. Also, remember that every writer thinks their work sucks at some point. And maybe parts of it are terrible, but you’re the best judge of that and you can make it worthy.

    All the best for the editing process, I look forward to hearing more! xx


  2. I admire your diligence in finishing your book’s first draft. I’ve been working on the 1st chapter of mine for over 2 weeks now. I’m hoping that I just have trouble with beginnings. I know that tearing a story apart can feel awful at times. I hope you’ll endure because your finished version is going to be great.


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