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Deadlines…. oh the horror!

I love deadlines.  I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. – Douglas Adams


I had made a personal goal to finish my book by the end of June…. well it’s now the first week in July and guess what still isn’t done!  I honestly don’t feel as bad about missing my deadline as I thought I would.  It’s not like I haven’t ignored countless other deadlines I’ve set for this story, but this one I really had wanted to keep since the story is near completion.    Last week I thought I had two chapters to go.  After finishing the final chapter I went back through the book looking for my little symbols (# and %) indicating was missing something.  I came across two of them.  The #, meaning I needed to expand that section just a little, possibly add a scene or two, easy work probably can be completed in a few short hours.  I read the section preceding and following the #, it needed nothing or at least nothing I wouldn’t catch in the actual editing / rewriting phase. It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t something I thought needed addressed in the “first” draft stage.

The section with the % sign, I have at least one chapter to insert there possibly two.  It’s a chapter on Malcolm’s new love interest, Nyssa.  I actually skipped developing that entire relationship. I wrote their first date then I wrote their break up.  I am not sure why I skipped it, perhaps I was trying to recall what it was like to be in the beginning stages of a relationship.  It’s been 10 years since my fiance and I started dating.  The more probable reason for omitting the section was I wasn’t sure how graphic to make the love scenes.  Do I just allude they exist or do I actually write them? I am sure so many people have had this question pop up in their heads, what the right answer is avoids me at this time.  So I have made a temporary decision, that may change after beta-reader feedback, but I am going to allude to the love scenes at this time.  When it comes time for a rewrite I will be able to add more detail deemed necessary.

I might have missed my deadline, but I’m still writing!  Not being accountable for missing deadlines is either the one best thing about self-publishing for me or the worst.  I have not decided yet.


2 thoughts on “Deadlines…. oh the horror!”

  1. I wait for genuine inspiration. To me, competing with time is nothing like personal growth as an author. Personal growth discovers something new and finds what it takes to write more material. Don’t feel too bad about the deadline, feel good about the quality of your manuscript!


    1. I have to agree with you. Deadlines in writing are not worth the trade off to me. Once I start labeling and putting confines on the process the more my creativity goes for a hike!


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