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Motivation Anyone?

Motivation… such a fickle little thing!  The past few days I have been much more motivated to play on Google+ and write on this blog than write the final few chapters of my book.  I have several excuses as to why I don’t feel like working on the novel.  I mean I just became a moderator on Support-A-Writer community on Google+.  That takes lots of time!  But seriously being a moderator and supporter really doesn’t take up that much of my time, plus I really enjoy it.  I feel like I’m giving something back.

A little shout out:  Thanks Alana Murno for the opportunity.  Seriously those of you who don’t know her go check out her book Women Behaving Badly and her blog she is a wonderful woman!

So the question remains… what happened to my motivation?  I know the answer or answers, but I don’t like them much.  The first and foremost reason is I know exactly where the book is going.  I am on the very last leg, I know the ending, I know what I have to do to get there.  The intrigue of writing this particular book is done.  My mind has already moved on to the prequel and the sequel.  Now I’m down to the tedious task of tying up loose ends and writing the ending.  How very BORING!

The second and probably more important reason my motivation has taken a steep nose dive is who am I writing this for?  When I started writing this book it was for me (and it still is).  I wanted to know if I could write a full length book, publish it and get some unsuspecting person to buy it.  Somewhere a long this long four to five-year journey it became something more, completely by accident I found a fan.  As I’ve said before this book started as a little short story to pass the time, growing into a novella and now exploding into a series.  When I started writing about Malcolm Stone I took a big chance;  I let someone read my work.  It was a first for me.  I was certain I was going to get neutral if not bad feedback.

It started out rather slowly.  One day at lunch a few coworkers and I were talking, as most women do when they get together talked about the what we like and what we didn’t like.  On this particular day we were talking about a book one or more of us had read.  We were talking about how it was poorly written, but yet somehow managed to make us keep reading the multiple books in the series.  I mentioned that after I read that book I started writing again, because logically if that book could be so popular, then anyone could write a good book.  We laughed it off.   Later my friend Avion started asking questions about what I was writing.  She found it so fascinating that I was writing a story.  She had never had any writer friends before.  So I indulged her curiosity and  told hr about my story.  She seemed so excited, which in turn made me excited.  So I did the unthinkable, one morning I brought her copies of what I had written.

She sat two cubicles down from me on the opposite side of the row, so I could see her during work putting my story beside her computer and reading while she was working!  My nerves were on end.  I kept wondering what she thought, I was so anxious for lunch I wanted to hear her thoughts.  We hadn’t even gotten out of our row of cubes before she said, “What happens next?”

So began the free exchanging of ideas, rather it was me giving her my ideas on the plot and gauging her reaction.  We formed such a great friendship discussing the trials and tribulations of a fictional characters.  One day she told me she loved Malcolm, that of course made my day, but nothing compared to the day she told me she wasn’t sure she could trust me with her Malcolm (I was introducing an unexpected twist).  I was happy that I had created a character some could relate to.

The story progressed so much and I never was unmotivated to write, as she was reading it so much faster than I could write and was always wanting more, always asking what happened next.  At the rate we were discussing plot and characters and the words, chapters and ideas kept piling on, I thought I would never run out of steam.

Then one day, my fiance’ and I finally got the opportunity we had been waiting for over four years.  We got the opportunity to move back “home”.  We pounced on the opportunity.  I was starting a new job, full of new people, it was exciting!  But it was a small office 45 employees in our building, and the only one near my age was my boss and we barely talked.  Three years later I am in the same job, my muse and motivator Avion is over 1,000 miles away and we only talk on occasion.  I still haven’t found another person to fill Miss Avion’s shoes, and trust me I’ve tried!  I have shared my story with a few other people, but they just don’t seem to take the time to read it or they just don’t want to discuss it like she did.

So while I struggle through the final leg of this book, I’d like to know what keeps you motivated?  Who is your biggest inspiration and who is your book going to be dedicated to?

P.S.  I am taking applications for another motivator or fan!  This person must be truly dedicated to the Malcolm fan club.  I have some big shoes to fill!  🙂


6 thoughts on “Motivation Anyone?”

  1. Amanda, you’ve touched on a significant situation here. Your Special Reader is now a long way off and you need her help. Have you considered collaborating online. I ask because my SR lives across the Atlantic and eight hours ahead. We manage to find the time to get together.

    Best of luck. I would start with Avion if you haven’t already.


    1. It’s amazing how we all go through these silent struggles and think we are alone, when in reality there are a lot of people out their in the same situation. I was for a while texting and messaging my Avion. I haven’t heard from her in the last few months and have no idea what is going on in her life right now. I figure we will touchbase again shortly. In the mean time I will be seeking something to fill that void 🙂


  2. Good post, Amanda. Good questions.
    You need to keep emailing to Avion, your friend, and letting her read your chapters. She is clearly going to want to know the ending.
    If you think writing those last few chapters is hard, wait till you start editing!! That’s the bit I am at and, like you, I find myself here, commenting on blogs and Googles.
    Wish I knew the answers to your questions!


    1. 🙂 I fixed the auto-correct for you! Darned things… it has made me say the dumbest and at times rather vulgar things!

      Anyway to the point. I still keep in contact with Avion, though she is a bit busier with a two year old at home now, so her free time is pretty limited. I will send her a finished copy of this story and this one will be dedicated to her. I have attempted emailing her copies of chapters she hadn’t read or sneak peaks into my ideas, (She loved the way the plot worked out in my head) but I never received a response. When I would get the chance to talk with her she would tell me, without my asking, that she had gotten the email, but hadn’t had a chance to read it yet. I have no idea if they were ever read. I didn’t push or pry her time is best spent with her adorable family. 🙂 Though I am looking forward to response once it is a completed work.

      I completely understand your complaint with editing. When I know I should be working on the book and have no motivation to write, I go back and read chapter editing and deleting scenes. I am NOT looking forward to doing that to the whole book!


  3. I’m writing the book for me, but also every grown-up I bump into and talk about my book who says “I think I’m John!”

    Having said that, a lot of motivation comes from my partner, who has undying faith in my ability (and is an honest critique to boot), as well as my friend Barbara over at, a fellow writer and madwoman.


    1. That is awesome your partner is so very supportive of you!

      My fiance’ is that way as well, but he just doesn’t get as excited as my special reader Avion. I can talk plot and characters for hours, while he enjoys what I write and supports my decisions, talking plot after a while bores him 🙂 though he does give me a lot of great ideas.


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