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Let’s Get Personal

Before I get into my writing I thought it would only be fair to let you know the real me.  We know I’m a writer and in my prior post we also learned that I’m not fond of classifying myself as just a writer.  Outside of my novel-writing and blogging I also write letters to several individuals in different countries.  Though I have to admit I’m pretty slow at writing back sometimes!  o.O

Who am I?  

I am 31 and live in Central Indiana, farming country, with my fiance’.    We are a bit of a pair sometimes as you can tell from the picture to the left.  We have been together for nearly ten years.  We met in college, started dating then within the year we moved to sunny Florida.  Just as we started enjoying our life there (4 1/2 years) we got the opportunity we had been waiting for… a chance to move back “home”.  We have been back in Indiana almost 3 years.  It doesn’t quite seem like the home we left, but we have decided to make the best of it!

We share our little rental house with four adorably feisty ferrets.  I don’t know how we manage to stay sane.  Or perhaps we aren’t anymore and just don’t notice it!  Suzy-Q (aka Sissy) is our oldest we bought her our first few months in Florida and she is now 7 years old, Pandora (aka Pan-Wan) is our little three-year old, and lastly we have Bonnie (aka Minky) and Clyde (aka Boogie) who are litter mates and just turned a year old.  They keep our lives pretty interesting and are our little babies.

Aside from writing I have a great many hobbies which are constantly fighting to my free time.  I read a lot, luckily I have time to do that during lunch most days (unless I get sucked into playing on this blog or Google+).  I also am an amateur photographer.  I normally take photos of places or nature.

I also enjoy bird-watching.  I have three feeders in my yard that I am constantly watching and identifying every bird that lands on them.  If I don’t know what the bird it I am frantically searching through my bird book attempting to find out who he/she is.

Every year I eagerly anticipate spring to see what will spring up in my wildflower / butterfly / bird garden.  I planted it three summers ago with a cheap wildflower mix I bought from Lowes.  It surprised me the second year by coming back.  It’s not a beautiful as it was the first year, but I added a few seeds to it this year hoping to get some of the perennials back.  Right how it is filled with poppies ranging from the standard red and orange to odd pink and white ones.

I love playing board games and an evening out with friends is never complete without playing some sort of game.

This is ME in a nutshell.  If you are interested in anything else please ask!


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