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The Writer


I have had a hard time coming to grips with the terms writer and author.  For the longest time I refused to be acknowledged as either.  I didn’t like the label “writer”.  I had such a horrible stereotype in my head, especially “indie writer”.  Those people seemed so pompous, self-proclaimed enlightened.  You all know the type.  I just assumed they self-published because they couldn’t get a real publisher to pick up their work, obviously there was something wrong with their writing.

A lot has changed since those arrogant days.  Now I am one of those indie writers.  I haven’t published yet, but plan on it by the beginning of 2014, possibly earlier depending on how motivated I can stay.  My opinions of writers and authors have changed to, do I still think they are pompous and arrogant?  You better believe it!  But not all of them and definitely not the majority of us.  I have found they are either young still trying to find their voice or they too are playing off of a stereotype of what they think a writer should be like.  In the age of eBooks and digital media I have been introduced to a lot of indie authors and I have to say some of the books I have read are just as good or better than New York Times Bestsellers!  I originally want to publish in the traditional method, but now I have decided to forgo that idea and publish myself.  I may not make it big, but that’s not my end goal.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to quit my day job and just write.  My goal is get my work out there and share a story with someone.  I don’t care how many people.  I want the story to be mine… not what a marketing team, editor, publisher believes will sell more books.  So I have joined the leagues of indie writers.

Only one thing remains the same is  I still have difficulties describing myself as a writer.  I don’t like the constricts of a title.  I’m more than a writer.  Being a writer is only a part of me, it’s not me.  I don’t describe myself as a Records Manager (my day job) or a photographer (one of my many hobbies), or a yogi; so why would I want to call myself a writer?  I am a person who earns money being a records manager, passes her time taking photographs, enjoys the freedom and insight from doing yoga and enjoys telling a story.

So who am I?  I am a woman with a dream of sharing her stories with those who want to read them.  I hope to find a following and learn a little bit about the self-publishing and indie writer markets.


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